Latest Products Latest Products Sun, 23 Jan 2022 11:03:09 +0530 en-us Industrial Dispensers Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features Programmable multiple batches to suit a variety of vehicle models Accuracy guaranteed to ± 0.01 ltr per batch filling Liquid input from barrels, overhead tanks, built-in storage tank Cp/Cpk >1.66 for filling all types of liquids Built in double filtration of 150 micron Batch Quantity Selector Manual Selection Selection via barcode reader Zero drip high capacity filling gun with customized spout Pneumatic dispensing operated high capacity zero drip Built-in air seperator for barrel transfer application Batch selector keys - 0.01 Ltr - 999.99 Ltr user selectable Finger tip Start / Emr. stop function on the filling gun radiator filling Industrial Filtration System Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features Conversion of Fresh Oil / Used Oil to NAS 8/7/6 Grade 550 ltr/hr. max Clean Oil Output 750 ltr. on board Clean Oil Storage PLC / HMI automated filtration cycle Vacuum dehydration for water content PPM level optional Hydac make on line contamination sensor Hydac make water PPM content sensor Sampling Valves for performance testing at all filtration stages Four point level control in all storage and process tanks Performance guaranteed with Indigenised low cost filter element On line checking and display of NAS level optional Accessories (Optional) Dirty oil collection tank Engine/Transmission Oil draining system Piping/Cabling for transfer of dirty oil Dispensing System for clean oil on assembly line Interfacing of fresh oil transfer pumps from bulk tanks On line checking and display of water PPM content optional. Design and component selection ensures low running cost Complete trunkey solution with dirty oil Storage Tanks/Piping/ Cabeling and Clean Oil Dispenser Barrel Unloading and Loading System Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features High accuracy positive displacement flowsensor for measurement 1 HP Gear Pump for decanting barrel within 10min High capacity air separator for maintaining accuracy Construction ensures system is fully primed at all time LCD display for easy readability Weather-proof and flame-proof electrical fitting. ·Convenient metal barrel suction tube with hose provided Left over liquid in barrel is less than half a litre Convenient mobile trolley mounted for portability. RS485 Serial – output for PLC interface optional Tanker Unloading System Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Configuration of a Tanker Unloading System We deliver the operational capacities needed to meet the demanding requirements of loading and unloading tankers together with a suitable centrifugal or positive displacement pump which is a vital component for loading and unloading a tanker. We realize the importance of your liquids and have the technical expertise to select a suitable and cost-effective unloading pump.   Our oil tanker unloading system offers the reliability, performance, flexibility, and proven value to optimize the transfer of critical liquids from the vessel to distant tank farms.   In industrial applications, systems must handle potentially hazardous liquids like fuel, oil, and related products which are inflammable. Therefore, our unloading systems come with certified flameproof enclosures and flameproof pump starter as well. When delivering a shipment of chemical reagents or taking on refined petroleum products, the operation requires the pumps in a chemical tanker unloading system to fit the job.   Advantages: Allows the liquid to be steadily and continuously transferred to the centre of the pump where the discharge port is located. The operation method guarantees that the liquids are carried with high-efficiency and almost pulsation-free, which are crucial considerations when conveyed highly viscous liquids over vast distances. Ideal for corrosive and non-corrosive, low or high viscosity, and clean or abrasive liquids. A compact design for convenience, self-priming, and the ability to run dry short-term and consistent flow rates despite fluctuating conditions.   Application: The Series 7100 System is specially designed to accurately measure liquid fuels and solvents during unloading from tankers to underground and aboveground tanks. Precise measurement of liquids is the only solution against the dip-rod measurement standard. The oil unloading system offers excellent protection against pilferage and short supply typically encountered in this application.   As a tanker unloading system manufacturer, we ensure our systems offer user-friendly operations, longevity, flawless design and less maintenance cost. This system is highly required in mining, gas & oil, and numerous other industries for safe and efficiently unloading diesel and kerosene from the tanker. The Tanker Unloading System is manufactured under our experts' careful guidance at our facilities, with the parts of highest-quality and the most innovative techniques.   Features High accuracy 3"/2" positive displacement flowmeter High capacity air separator High capacity float actuated air release mechanism Vacuum Breaker Valve for 100% Air elimination for Underground Tanks Back Pressure Valve for 100% Air elimination for above ground Tanks LCD Dot matrix backlit display for easy readability Weather-proof and flame proof electrical fittings RS485 Serial – Output for BMS connectivity Resettable and Cumulative display totalisers High-capacity air separator. The construction ensures the system is full of liquid at all times. Ten years of memory retention during power failures. Liquid Dispenser Machine Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features Flow capacity of 35 LPM High accuracy P.D. Flowmeter Gear Pump with 1 HP motor Display shows Batch and Cumulative Totalizer in Litres Battery powered display 100 micron reusable SS filter 3/4" size auto switch off type nozzle R3 grade Rubber Hose - 5 metre long Rugged construction to suit harsh environments Transparent panel conforming to TPM norms Adblue Dispenser Machine Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Adblue Dispenser-Fluidyne If you're looking for a quality AdBlue dispenser in India, Fluidyne is at the forefront of dispensing technology over the last few decades, presenting thousands of customers across the world with quality solutions. Fast, reliable, and precise fuel dispensing is precisely what you can expect with Fluidyne's range of Dispensers. Our innovations are geared towards aiding you in finding solutions that fit your business needs. We present a flexible range of dispensers for fuels, solvents, and other valuable liquids, including AdBlue.   The Configuration of Adblue Dispenser: The 6720 is a new range of compact dispensers most suitable for fuel and solvent dispensing. Precise quantities of diesel, petrol, AdBlue, among others, can be easily dispensed via this versatile system. The measurement in the Adblue Dispenser is volumetric based with 100% air elimination offered.   The 6720 also includes a precision two-stage valve, which works in a 90-10 ratio providing accurate cutoff after preset is reached. The time-tested P.D. flowmeter employing oscillating piston design ensures high accuracy volumetric measurement at ±0.25% of reading.   Benefits: The Series 6720 fuel dispenser units support fuel retailers in meeting the stringent emissions targets made necessary due to the increasing environmental impact. It's sleek and helps address current ecological concerns. Our fuel and AdBlue dispensers are highly reliable and cost-effective, allowing you to save energy Complete Stainless Steel 304 grade construction to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions Totalizer and batch retention in case of power cuts Large LCD displays for batch and totalizer viewing Top up and preset modes available Overvoltage alarm warnings and auto-recovery based live voltage sensing Digital data output options such as E-Mails, SMS alerts, FlowLog cloud services as well as wireless Bluetooth output on Mobile phone   Application: Fuel dispensers are used to circulate liquids in a wide range of automobiles. Most AdBlue dispensers in India are designed in wide sizes to ensure that the dispenser can handle the engine. It is necessary only to purchase fuel dispensers that will fit your requirements.   The dispenser: Can be mounted on mobile vehicles Offers kerosene, diesel, and petrol dispensing at high accuracy Can be used for Adblue dispensing Solvent and chemical dispensing into IBCs, Barrels, and tanks   Output Options FlowLog cloud services data logging Data on mobile phone RS485 MODBUS RTU Serial data Data on emails or SMS   Features Positive displacement flowmeter offering ±0.1% of reading at constant flowrate Air separator for 100% air elimination Three different flow rate versions – 35 LPM, 70 LPM, and 120 LPM Preset-based and top-up mode control Auto-shutoff nozzle with hose Centrifugal pump operating on single phase power supply Dual stage valve for 100% vending accuracy Nozzle parking stand Keypad for seamless preset entering Large numeric counter with separate counters for rate and currency value per liter. Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosure for electronics RS485 Modbus serial output available. Optional output on SMS, mobile phone, or cloud services. Can be directly linked to Fluidyne's FlowLog cloud-based web application. Optional RFID/Barcode Scanner/ Thermal Printer is available. Fuel Consumption Meter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Fuel Consumption Meter Operational efficiency is a requirement for staying in business. And accuracy of measurement is the foundation of securing added profit when optimizing operations. Without accurate fuel consumption measurements onboard, it is challenging to determine what impact the procedures have made.   The fuel consumption monitoring system is an accurate device for fuel consumption monitoring— a way to boost your competitive advantage by freeing workers from operation and maintenance tasks. This enables them to concentrate on their primary duties, i.e. optimizing the engine’s efficiency and increasing profits in ships, cars, generators, etc. Installed directly to the engine, real-time fuel information provides constant visibility and permits unrivalled authority of engine modes and fuel usage.   The Configuration of Fuel Consumption Monitoring System A Fuel Consumption Meter is made up of a positive displacement meter and manifolds. The monitoring system is carefully designed for the exact size of the diesel engine intake of any vehicles like buses, vans, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, or other diesel locomotives.   The Fluidyne Series 6655 Differential Fuel meter is a compact solution for independent measurement of inflow and outflow of diesel fuel for calculating the net consumption of diesel engines, boilers, kilns and furnaces. Our legendary Rotary Piston P.D. Flowmeters guarantee high accuracy and repeatability of the net fuel measurement. The car fuel consumption meter can be paired with Display unit RF/Bluetooth/GSM data transmitters for wireless data transmission to the Flow Log Cloud-based web application.   Benefits: Extends machinery lifetime, a reduction of repair and maintenance expenses. Exact, repeatable and drift-free metering system for engine fuel consumption monitoring. Virtually unlimited measuring range, highly accurate at high as well as very low flow rates. Meant for High Pressure Fuel Injected engines as well as Cummins PT engine types. Independent of demanding conditions (high temperatures, vibrating pipes, etc.) Flowmeter also reduces fuel and repair costs and measures direct fuel consumption of an engine for individual sections and technological operations. Reduces the chances of pilferage of diesel in DG sets because direct engine consumption is measured instead of the level in DG tank.   Application: The fuel consumption meter can be used for consumption monitoring as well as engine performance monitoring, and it proactively signals maintenance. The car fuel consumption meter provides smart fuel management to optimize costs and lower emissions, with precise measurement of the engine working hours and fuel consumption. Diesel consumption analysis of Gensets Consumption measurement for ships and rail engines Kerosene measurement for kilns Diesel consumption analysis for diesel-fired boilers LDO consumption measurement for furnaces   Measurement Flow Range Liquid measuring range in the fuel consumption meter is from 3 LPM to 40 LPM and suitable for All types of DG engines, Boilers, and inlet and outlet flow lines.   Features Two independent PD Flow sensors to measure inflow and outflow of fuel Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading for Net fuel consumed Standard hose connectors for connection in the fuel system Sturdy mounting Brackets to withstand vibrations Weatherproof and Flameproof enclosure for display transmitters RS485 Modbus serial output or RF / Bluetooth, or GSM wireless output optional Self powered operation with data transmission makes for a truly wire-free device Can be directly linked to Fluidyne’s Flowlog Cloud base web application Oscillating Piston Flow Meter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Oscillating Piston Flow Meter Suppose you are working on an application where you need to measure the flow of a liquid that has a high viscosity. In that case, an oscillating piston flowmeter is what you should consider installing.   The oscillating piston flowmeters are a sort of positive displacement flowmeter and often referred to as volumetric counters. They are flowmeters especially suited for measuring high viscosity liquids. However, they are also most suited for liquids with a low viscosity.   The Configuration of Oscillating Piston Flow meter The flow meter is one of the oldest types of positive displacement flow meters. This oscillating piston meter is mainly similar to a nutating disc meter. Except that its measurement device is one split ring/ piston that only oscillates within a single plane and this makes it more easy to maintain and durable than any other PD meter.   Oscillating piston flow meters utilize a precision-machined chamber that contains a cylindrical piston. Liquid enters the precision-machined chamber containing an oscillating (rotating) piston. The piston is positioned to divide the chamber into compartments that hold a pre-measured exact volume. Liquid pressure propels the piston to start oscillating and rotate on its axis. The meter's operation itself is based on the movement of this rotating piston. It fills and empties a chamber of a known volume with each turn, i.e. this piston oscillates as the liquid flows.   It also has a central shaft that is constrained to run in a circular groove inside the chamber. The movement has a concentric motion about the centre chamber axis. This results in an off-centre rotating motion because the liquid sequentially enters and exits compartments shaped into the underside of this piston. Since the capacity of the compartments is already known, the volume of liquid metered per revolution is easy to calculate accurately.   The precision-machined chamber has a slotted cylinder that separates the inlet and outlet part. Center piston rotate as the liquid subsequently enters and exit from the chamber. Usually, a hydraulically floating piston does not come into contact with the chamber.   The rotation of this piston activates a reed sensor. It then emits a pulse that corresponds with the volume of this chamber. The output signal from this sensor can be used through an electronic converter.   Fluidyne's oscillating piston flowmeter series is manufactured using different materials and has varying process connections. These connections include materials and fittings for hygienic applications. We also offer unique designs for high-pressure applications.   When there is no flow inside the pipe, the piston stays stationary. When the liquid begins flowing, the piston displaces liquid from the inlet to the outlet with a constant cyclic volume per position.   The movements inside the piston's central hub are sensed through the flow meter's wall by a follower magnet. Every revolution of the piston hub is equal to a fixed volume of the fluid. This is indicated as flow by an indicator or totalizer.   Close margins between the piston and the chamber guarantee minimum liquid slippage for highly reliable and repeatable flow measurement for every volume cycle.   Benefits: The installation can occur in both horizontal and vertical positions. It can even be set at an inclination. It offers bidirectional flow measurement and is ideal for all flow directions without it affecting the flowmeter accuracy. Straight pipe lengths before and after the flowmeter is not necessary at all. The meter can be installed before or after adjusting elements of the flow. Complete Stainless Steel 304 grade construction to ensure reliability in harsh operating conditions The oscillating piston flowmeter is not particularly sensitive to differences in viscosity. So it is suitable for applications where the temperature might not always be constant. Oscillating piston flowmeter is also not sensitive to changes in pipe flow rates. A turndown of 20:1 is also taken by the meter very well and accuracy does not suffer Under standard working conditions, it exhibits a long working life. It will not be necessary to regularly replace any part, but if needed, the replacement operation is easy, and it can be done within a few minutes. But what conditions are considered to be "normal working conditions"? At Fluidyne, we believe that the duration of the components depends essentially on the combination of these two factors: The abrasive qualities of the application product (this must be compatible with the manufacturing material of the flow meter). The operating flow rate. In case the maximum flow of the instrument is surpassed, the rotating piston might end up damaged.   Application: The oscillating piston meter accommodates several viscous fluids (paint, resin, ink). The meter can be utilized for oil metering where the turn down is not critical. It can be used inside an automatic liquid batching system. The best use of oscillating piston flowmeter is in clean liquids like white oils. Petrol, Diesel and kerosene offer excellent lubricating characteristics which is perfect for oscillating piston flowmeter They are highly suitable for food and beverage applications like honey or chocolate. The meters are applicable during all types of industrial processes. Oscillating piston flowmeters are widely utilized in the chemical and petrochemical industries. They are used for tank filling and batching applications, measurement of steam condensates in boilers, and fuel consumption measurement, among many others. The oscillating piston flowmeters by Fluidyne are perfect for any type of liquid application. They display excellent performance in changing process conditions. With an accuracy of ±0.2% of the measured value, the meters offer high feasibility of total cleaning and allow for easy sterilization. The best advantage of oscillating piston flowmeter is that the volume is directly measured and not inferred as in the case of inferential flow principles. Thus, it is the most accurate flow measurement principle in the world   Features Fluidyne offers a balanced, lightweight, and rugged construction. The flanged connectors make it the best option for overhead hose reels and other liquid applications. Unbeatable repeatability of better than ±0.1% of reading High accuracy of ±0.2% of reading It can be installed anywhere without straight length constraints Ideal for numerous applications. Digital Diesel Flow Meter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Diesel Flowmeter Manufacturer– Fluidyne In the oil industry, measuring the flow of liquids and gases is vital during each phase of exploration, production and transportation. These applications require the highest diesel meter accuracy, reliability, and long-term stability, along with a low cost-of-ownership.   As diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, Fluidyne's innovation and superior quality in flow monitoring and control have stood the test of time. We offer an extensive product range for several operations, including PD flowmeters and their applications such as dispensers, precision batching systems, high-accuracy tanker unloading and loading systems, engine consumption meters and more.   The Configuration of Diesel Flowmeter Fluidyne-made diesel flowmeters are precisely what you need when it comes to accurate consumption or dispensing of diesel. It is built on the time-tested positive displacement principle using oscillating piston design. This equipment made by the best diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India combines accurate and repeatable flow sensing and safety by the usage of certified electronics flameproof and weatherproof enclosure.   A diesel flowmeter has records data readings in non-volatile memory that validate the aggregate flow on a display. Customers can also opt for remote display option in diesel flowmeter product. The internal moving part is protected with seals which ensure that liquid in the flow tube is measured before reaching the outlet.   Diesel flowmeters can be attached to, clean and non-corrosive liquids such as diesel, including marine diesel and high-speed diesel HSD. Commonly best-connected for processes where high precision is needed at a reasonable cost.   The Benefits of using Flowmeter for stock measurement in Diesel Tanks For assured quality control, the liquid is monitored with a flowmeter and controlled accordingly to stabilize the flow. Flow control using a diesel flowmeter with pump enables both predictive maintenance and more reliable device protection. Flow control allows the prevention of deterioration in quality and stops malfunctions caused by improper cooling. Diesel Flowmeters can measure exactly how much liquid was transferred into a tank and this enables conservation of expensive fuels and minimizes wastage   Application: As Diesel flowmeter manufacturers in India, we offer a precision-engineered series of flowmeters, specifically designed to meet our clients' requirements. A diesel flowmeter is extensively used in oil flow measurement in industrial areas such as oil production, oil refining, commerce, oil storage, etc. Made using high-quality material, the flowmeter is very economical and highly reliable. Our clients highly appreciate us for their unique features. As a diesel flowmeter manufacturer, we supply our ranges of flowmeters in various configurations and specifications.   As a tanker unloading system manufacturer, we ensure our systems offer user-friendly operations, longevity, flawless design and less maintenance cost. This system is highly required in mining, gas & oil, and numerous other industries for safe and efficiently unloading diesel and kerosene from the tanker. The Tanker Unloading System is manufactured under our experts' careful guidance at our facilities, with the parts of highest-quality and the most innovative techniques.   Technology Positive Displacement with Rotary Vane Positive Displacement with an oscillating piston Positive Displacement with oscillating piston   Output Signal Options  Data on Cloud Services Data on Mobile Phone 4-20 mA RS485/Modbus  Data on Mobile Phone  4-20 mA  RS485/Modbus   Features Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading Low-pressure drop allows gravity head operation Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics Choice of certified weatherproof and flameproof enclosures Built-in high-capacity reusable wire mesh filter S.S. Aluminium and PVC option builds to suit corrosive liquid Petrol Flow Meter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Configuration of Petrol Flowmeters Petrol PD Flowmeters are standard volumetric instruments which immediately measure the volume of flowing liquid using the oscillating piston mechanism, which enables exact volume measurement as opposed to inferred volumetric measurement. These devices, manufactured in India for several decades, allow an accurate measurement of the flow rates of nearly all the liquids industrially employed. They may be utilised for custody transfer plans, operating devices, and the petroleum industry's many other needs.   The petrol flow meter is a device used to measure volumetric fuel consumption, petrol volume moving through the line per unit of time. Its measurements are presented in meter readings ( like in the water or electricity meters).   Benefits: Usually unaffected by flow profiles, just tiny inlet and outlet parts required. Also useful in acute conditions, e.g. high viscosity, caused by a change in variants. Calculations are feasible for unusual circumstances. Fit for severe temperatures and pressures   Application: Fuel flowmeters in India are designed to gauge fuel consumption in the fuel line of several vehicles and stationary devices.   Vehicles: Used on the railroad, in air, or water. Additional vehicle devices. For example, a compressor unit or other attachments positioned on a vehicle chassis. Stationary installations. Petro flowmeters can be placed inside the tanks used at corporate petrol stations. Fuel fluctuations do not influence flowmeter readings in a tank. Therefore, one can unlock complete device potential while operating under regular fuel fluctuations when operating on uneven terrain. So, a fuel flowmeter in India can be used on agricultural tools (lie tractors, etc.), off-road vehicles like Jeeps.   Features Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading Low pressure drop allows gravity head operation Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics Choice of weatherproof and flameproof enclosures Built-in high capacity reusable wire mesh filter S.S., Aluminum and Plastic builds to suit corrosive liquids Acid Flow Meter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 The Configuration of Acid-resistant Flowmeters Flow meters to measure the flow of strong hot corrosive acids like sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid have always been a challenge. The combination of acid-resistant tantalum surfaces with high-performance flow meters solves this problem and creates the most corrosion-resistant flow meters available to the industry.   By stopping the corrosion of critical surfaces in differential flow meters, sensitive measurements can be obtained and made reliable.   The acid-resistant flowmeters provided by Fluidyne are explicitly built for monitoring acid flow, as regular meters couldn't survive like sulfuric and hydrochloric acids. They are the most corrosion-resistant meters available in the industry.   Benefits: Unobstructed flow without moving parts No added pressure drop Typically flow profile insensitive, just short inlet and outlet parts needed Unchanged by shifts in temperature, viscosity, density, concentration, as well as electrical conductivity A convenient choice for chemically corrosive or abrasive measuring liquids Unaffected by contamination and coatings and low maintenance A linear correlation between flow rate and measured variable   Application: Acid flowmeters are advised for application along with acids or chemically aggressive liquids. Titanium dioxide is a compound used in the making of paints, certain plastics, cosmetics, etc., and is treated either with chlorine or sulfates.   Hydrofluoric acid is an aggressive chemical used in creating Teflon. Acid flowmeters used along with this highly corrosive liquid must be lined with specialty plastics like in our flowmeters. Fluidyne supplies acid-resistant flow meters to regulate the flow of strong corrosive acids like sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and nitric acid while also measuring weak organic acids like acetic acid, formic acid, etc.   Features The Fluidyne acid flowmeters are based on the time-tested oscillating piston mechanism. A single moving component in the assembly ensures extremely reliable operation for long periods. Use of state of the art solid state magnetic sensor, ultra-low powered electronic sensors, provides for all the simplicity of a mechanical P.D. meter and the reliability of electronic sensing and read outs. The acid flowmeter comes with inbuilt 149 micron SS mesh reusable filter element Wide operating flow range of 3 to 24,000 LPH Maximum operating temperature – 150 °C Guaranteed accuracy of ±0.5% of reading Low-pressure drop allows gravity head operation Does not require external power source due to self-powered electronics Built-in high-capacity reusable wire mesh filter Choice of certified weatherproof and flameproof enclosures S.S. Hastelloy and durable plastic moving parts option builds to suit corrosive liquid Liquid Storage Tank Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features Heavy Plate fabricated from Mild Steel or Austenitic Stainless steel. Capacities from 200 liters to 2000 liters. Precision P.D. Flowmeters for measurement of Input Liquid. Precision Four Point Level control Transmitter for reliable Level control. Integrated Solenoid Control Valves to control Input liquid to the Tanks. Optional Transfer pump for transferring the stored Liquid for use. 110 Micron Input Liquid Filtration to maintain liquid purity. Liquid Level Transmitter Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Features Suitable for tank height range from 200 – 3000 mm. Accuracy of level measurement ±10.0mm guaranteed Power Supply - 24V DC±10% 100mA max. Diaphragm - SS316L, wetted parts: SS316, Seals: Nitrile/Viton/EPDM Displays Level in mm and Tank Volume in Liters, Alarms, Pump Status Relay output on three numbers Retransmission Output 4-20mA analogue or RS485 MODBUS RTU. Programmable levels for alarms generations Flameproof to IS2148 1981 Gr. IIA IIB Weatherproof to IP65 Certified by CMRS Dhanabad. Automated Liquid Filling Machine Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Flow Metering Solution Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Positive Displacement Flow Meter Flow Metering Solution Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Fuel Consumption Monitor Fri, 25 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Liquid Level Measurement Solution Mon, 28 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0530